Supporting London Women

Hi, I'm Alison an antenatal and postnatal doula supporting women in and around North West London through pregnancy and in the days and weeks following the birth of their babies.

Doula Services

birthdoulaAs an antenatal doula I will prepare you thoroughly for the birth of your baby, ensuring you are well informed and confident. Bonding is very important so breastfeeding education comes as standard if this is what you choose for your baby.

Postnatal services

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As a postnatal doula I help you learn all the skills you need as you adjust to having a new family member. From teaching infant feeding and providing general home support to ensuring parents catch up on vital sleep, I am there to help, and never to judge.

Trained and Certified by Nurturing Birth and a Recognised Postnatal Doula with Doula UK.

 Breastfeeding London course graduate

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"Alison is a calming presence. She supported and looked after us in those early days where we needed to learn everything from scratch and also feel reassured we were doing a great job. I loved being able to breastfeed both boys and got through those first hurdles with her championing me the whole time. I loved getting a cuddle too - it meant a lot and I really needed them!"

"Alison I cannot possibly thank you enough or rave enough about what a tremendous guide you were for us; you're like a guardian angel. Isabelle is incredible: I'm still overwhelmed with awe. She is as drama-free as I imagine it's possible for a baby to be, and so very smiley.....she seems so happy, and makes us so happy. I feel lucky to be her mother!"

"Alison is very kind, patient, wonderfully experienced and full of useful resources. I highly recommend her for first-time mums."

"Alison, you have been wonderful. You have helped me to feel a lot calmer and more relaxed that I would have felt without you in those first few challenging weeks."

"You were especially good at spotting what I was difficult for me to articulate in the beginning what I actually needed help with, so your guidance, support, help and open ears were a big source of strength for me. Your visits were very precious 'time-out' for me; I felt that I could totally relax. Thank you so much!"

"Alison was so helpful with breastfeeding when I came home from hospital and was having trouble. She taught me different positions to achieve a better latch and made both me and my baby much more comfortable. She didn't leave until I was happy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs any help with breastfeeding."

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