A ssstand off between Grandma and a huge, bad tempered, colourful sssnake could result in our plucky sssuperstar Granny becoming sssnakefood! Can quick thinking Grandma avoid the ssslithering ssserpent’s jaws? You’ll have to find out!Another great read from Alison Grunwald that’s highly recommended.

Foster Henderson, author ‘The Sunshine Stone’

I love this book. Me and my sister are always fighting over this book, I can’t wait for the next one to come out so me and my sister can each read one grandma book at the same time!


This attractively presented book is ideal for young children: a story that holds their attention, plenty of humour, colourful illustrations and and just the right length for early readers. The questions at the end are a helpful device, encouraging children to pay attention to content (both words and pictures) and to talk about what theyContinue reading “Eve Schwartz”

Eve Schwartz

I read this last year to my then 8 year old who found the characters hilarious. I have just read it to my five year old (twice at her request) who equally loved it but for different reasons. What is amazing is that both children, at very different ages and stages, engaged with the story.Continue reading “Clea Topolski”

Clea Topolski

This funny, gentle tale about a derring-do grandma and her sceptical cat is short enough to be a complete bedtime story for children aged, say, from five to eight or nine years of age. Equally, the chapters work well for emerging readers to revisit over several sessions. The story is beautifully written, lending itself toContinue reading “Suzanne Askham, author ‘This one is Special’”

Suzanne Askham, author ‘This one is Special’

The book was amazing. I loved it. I loved when everyone on the beach had to put their sunglasses on because grandma’s swimming costume was too bright. I also loved the jokes.

Jacob – aged 7

What a lovely, charming book ! The story was engaging and funny, and the jokes kept my attention right to the end. Waiting for the next installment …

Tony Orchudesch, author ‘Milton The Amazing Jumping Mouse’

I enjoyed your book. I thought it was funny when the octopus sang ba ba black ship.

Sophie age 6

I read this to my grandson via a video chat, we each had a copy and he followed along as I read. We had fun connecting this way and the questions at the end helped us to talk about the book after the reading. He enjoyed the pictures.

Sonia (USA)

Really lovely book which deserves to become a classic. Beautifully written and illustrated, I highly recommend it.

Foster Henderson, author ‘The Sunshine Stone’

Fun story for kids with fab illustrations.

Anonymous reviewer

My great-grandsons loved me reading to them about silly grandma and Gertrude the cat shooting down the chimney. This book is so beautifully illustrated it deserves a place in every home for young children.

Joan Horwitz

I loved this book! My mum bought it for me, and it was amazing! Grandma’s jokes are hilarious! My fave is the “Oh oh oh” one! Please release more of these soon!

Benji aged 9

This book is lovely! Our son, age 6, really enjoyed the jokes and found the pictures hilarious. “Grandma looks so silly!” he said. This is the second of Alison’s books we have read and the kids loved both. Our daughter, 8, took this one upstairs and read it to herself before I had even hadContinue reading “David Byers journalist, The Times”

David Byers journalist, The Times

My Year 4 class simply loved reading this story. The characters are very funny and they love Grandma’s hilarious jokes!

Talia, teacher

I really enjoyed the story, especially all of Grandma’s jokes and her cowboy boots. I thought the quiz at the end was really fun, too.

Leo, age 7

I loved this book. Grandma always gets up to so much fun and her jokes made me laugh. She is so lucky to have chocolate mousse for breakfast!

Ella, age 7

I thought the snake was a great character.

Louis, age 6

I really liked the bit when Grandma went down the well and into the jungle. She was very brave and funny.

Reyaan, age 6

I really enjoyed this book, especially when Grandma told the snake some jokes. They were really funny!

Kiara, age 5

Alison’s use of easily accessible vocabulary, alongside more challenging words, makes this series an ideal choice for both emergent readers and for readers able to enjoy the books unaided. I enjoyed this story very much!” Though simple in form and language this tale addresses some big questions, such as whether it is advisable to lieContinue reading “Susy Stone, retired primary head”

Susy Stone, retired primary head

I like the way Gertrude hides from Grandma under the cupboard. The pictures are brilliant.

Kasper, age 9

The best bit is when the pony throws Grandma off. I love the hilarious pictures and the jokes are funny. My friends love silly books!

Jessica, age 8

I laughed a lot when Grandma lost control of the pony. I loved the jokes and the pictures. I’m looking forward to reading the next story…Gertrude’s always so terrified of Grandma’s adventures!

Jesse, age 7

This is the first Alison Grunwald book that my children read, and they loved it. My daughter is bang in the recommended age bracket but my son is a little younger. The books are written perfectly for those with developing and established reading skills and really good fun. Highly recommended.

Ben Rowe

A happy, humorous readable book. My grand-daughter loved this book, especially the jokes; we’ve read it many times. She also liked the questions about the book at the end.

Jo Pethybridge

Beautifully written and illustrated; my grandchildren read it cover-to-cover and eagerly await the next book in the series.

Julia F

Thank you for the wonderful reading at our school last week. The children absolutely loved it!!!

Helen, mother of pupil at NAIMA Preparatory School

‘This story is hilarious! My favourite part is where Gertrude skis perfectly while Grandma has to ask for help. The pictures are brilliant.’

Felix, age 10

‘I love that although Grandma is a silly, clumsy character, she still goes on great adventures…she goes to places you wouldn’t expect a grandma to go and has lots of fun with Gertrude, her cat.”

Amani, age 8

“The descriptions are very funny. I liked that Grandma is really confused about all the different ski runs and I love her silly jokes. The pictures are great fun!!’

Mylo, age 8

“I could really picture Grandma and Gertrude flying down the mountain; the descriptions are great! I enjoyed how Grandma got the answers to all the ski instructor’s questions wrong. It’s a fast-moving story that kept me wanting to know what came next, all the way to the end.”

Rafi, age 12

“I love these stories. My favourite part is Grandma’s silly jokes which the other skiers don’t understand I just love awkward moments in stories.”

Lara, age 7