Grandma and the Angry Octopus

Book 1 in the ‘Whatever Next, Grandma!’ series
ideal for ages 6-9 years

Grandma is impulsive bossy and badly dressed. She gets the wrong end of any stick and stumbles unwittingly into magical adventures.

Her cynical sidekick and best friend is Gertrude the cat, who gets dragged into all of Grandma’s disasters.

In this first story the pair come face-to-face with a giant octopus with a superiority complex on a day out at the seaside. It’s only Grandma’s quick-fire, daft jokes that save them from a sticky end.

Gertrude’s first escape bid is a dismal failure, and Grandma’s knitting needles cause mayhem on the train.

On the beach Grandma almost blinds sunbathers with her day-glo swimsuit and Gertrude is in for a shock.

But there’s magic in the sea as Grandma and Gertrude find they can talk to each other, and Gertrude discovers a hidden talent.

This debut story, like those that follow are perfect for parents and grandparents to read at bedtime to younger children. They take about ten minutes and are beautifully illustrated with funny cartoons by Mike Phillips, who, like me, loves to celebrate the ridiculous (and you can’t get much more ridiculous than irascible Grandma)!

The vocabulary and humour are written for more confident readers to savour independently, and are ideal for children up to eight years old, or above. Each story has a quiz at the end which is always popular and keeps their brains sharpened! As these books are available on Amazon, delivery should be effortless. There’s nothing quite like a cuddle at night, or at any time, to help children feel loved and to build confidence and precious memories. Each story has a few complex words woven in to build their vocabulary and help them get a sense for the meanings.

These brightly coloured books are great as birthday gifts, or for any time of year and, at £6.99, are affordable. They will build into a fun series that children can dip into and enjoy.

front cover of Grandma and the Angry Octopus Book

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ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-183802940

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Jo Pethybridge

A happy, humorous readable book. My grand-daughter loved this book, especially the jokes; we’ve read it many times. She also liked the questions about the book at the end.

Eve Schwartz

This attractively presented book is ideal for young children: a story that holds their attention, plenty of humour, colourful illustrations and and just the right length for early readers. The questions at the end are a helpful device, encouraging children to pay attention to content (both words and pictures) and to talk about what theyContinue reading “Eve Schwartz”

Ben Rowe

This is the first Alison Grunwald book that my children read, and they loved it. My daughter is bang in the recommended age bracket but my son is a little younger. The books are written perfectly for those with developing and established reading skills and really good fun. Highly recommended.