Grandma Skis Into Trouble

Book 5 in the ‘Whatever Next, Grandma!’ series
ideal for ages 6-9 years

Grandma's cat, Gertrude, sporting skiing glasses and a snow suit

When Grandma wins a skiing course in Kneebroken, she decides to take a protesting Gertrude with her. One of them turns out to be a dismal disaster, the other a spectacular success, but which one is which?

There are plenty of thrills and spills as Grandma tries out her newfound skills on the ski slopes. But why do her hilarious jokes fall flat, and is Gertrude right to say that cats can’t ski? Who causes mayhem on the mountain and gets everyone scrambling for cover?

Find out all the answers, and laugh at Mike’s wonderfully witty cartoons in this fifth funny story in the ‘Whatever Next, Grandma!’ series. Pit your wits at the end against Alison’s sneaky quiz…how many questions can you get right?

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ISBN-10: ‎ 1838029451
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1838029456

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Felix, age 10

‘This story is hilarious! My favourite part is where Gertrude skis perfectly while Grandma has to ask for help. The pictures are brilliant.’

Amani, age 8

‘I love that although Grandma is a silly, clumsy character, she still goes on great adventures…she goes to places you wouldn’t expect a grandma to go and has lots of fun with Gertrude, her cat.”

Rafi, age 12

“I could really picture Grandma and Gertrude flying down the mountain; the descriptions are great! I enjoyed how Grandma got the answers to all the ski instructor’s questions wrong. It’s a fast-moving story that kept me wanting to know what came next, all the way to the end.”

Lara, age 7

“I love these stories. My favourite part is Grandma’s silly jokes which the other skiers don’t understand I just love awkward moments in stories.”