Grandma’s Jungle Adventure

Book 3 in the ‘Whatever Next, Grandma!’ series
ideal for ages 6-9 years

Trouble is never far behind bad-tempered Grandma. In this third story she discovers a secret doorway in her local Public Library.

Making a lightning decision to see where it leads, she climbs straight into a wild adventure in a verdant, prehistoric jungle far underground.

It looks like her time is finally up when she comes face-to-face with a malevolent brightly-coloured snake in a very bad mood; he has lost two of his scales, and has a painful blister on his tongue. He is in no mood for Grandma’s silly jokes…or is he?

There is plenty of fun and magic in store as Grandma pits her wits against the sneaky snake. If she can make him feel better, will he let her go?

This third story, like those that follow are perfect for parents and grandparents to read at bedtime. They take about ten minutes and are beautifully illustrated with funny cartoons by Mike Phillips, who, like me, loves to celebrate the ridiculous (and you can’t get much more ridiculous than this irascible Grandma).

front cover of Grandma's Jungle Adventure

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Talia, teacher

My Year 4 class simply loved reading this story. The characters are very funny and they love Grandma’s hilarious jokes!

Leo, age 7

I really enjoyed the story, especially all of Grandma’s jokes and her cowboy boots. I thought the quiz at the end was really fun, too.

Ella, age 7

I loved this book. Grandma always gets up to so much fun and her jokes made me laugh. She is so lucky to have chocolate mousse for breakfast!

Reyaan, age 6

I really liked the bit when Grandma went down the well and into the jungle. She was very brave and funny.

Kiara, age 5

I really enjoyed this book, especially when Grandma told the snake some jokes. They were really funny!