Max Plays Ball By Himself (story 3)

Max the golden Cavapoo has many hidden talents: navigation, escapology and, of course, looking perfectly innocent.

Perhaps his funniest skill revealed itself one Friday lunchtime. I know you won’t believe this, but it really is true.

Once again I was babysitting this unusual canine.

Max was keen to play catch in the kitchen, bringing the slobby, chewed, yellow tennis ball I had given him to the table, and dropping it at our feet. In the middle of our meal, we weren’t all that interested.

Max, our cavapoo dog with toy in mouth
Max, our family’s Cavapoo

I told Max I’d play with him later. He accepted this with his customary good manners. “Perhaps he has understood,” I marvelled.

But the ingenious puppy had already hit upon his own playtime solution, as we discovered a minute later when he began chucking the tennis ball himself and dashing after it, skidding merrily across the shiny kitchen floor to retrieve it.

“Will you look at that,” I gawped. “Who taught him to do that?”

Higher and higher the ball was thrown from Max’s jaws. He caught some of them before the ball even hit the floor.

Max was as good as gold overnight, but as the early morning light filtered into our bedroom, we wondered what Saturday had in store. You never knew what Max would be up to next, or what trouble lay in wait.

There will be more funny animal stories for you to read; my favourite happened to me when I was on holiday on the other side of the world!