Max’s Magic Tricks (story 2)

In this next story Max shows secret talents as a magician. You may not believe how he does this, but, again, it’s quite true!

Soon after the poonami affair I had Max to stay overnight. It was still very hot and muggy and, as there were still a few minutes before supper time, I decided to head upstairs to my bedroom for a short rest. I popped Max into the soft ‘cage’ that he loved sleeping in. It was roomy, with a folded towel at the bottom and the sides were a soft mesh that he could see through easily. It was used for travel or to make him feel safe in unfamiliar places. Each edge had a zip and he liked sleeping in it with one of the sides open so he could get out.

I felt a bit guilty zipping up all the sides, but consoled myself with the thought that it was only for a few minutes to prevent him from getting at the fully laid table while I was upstairs.

Max, our cavapoo dog holding a toy
Max, the mischievous Cavapoo

I switched on the TV and settled down to watch one of my favourite programmes, Homes Under The Hammer, and relaxed. It had been a long day.

Barely a moment later my eye was drawn to an unexpected movement; a golden head was bobbing past the bed, and I wondered for a second which grandchild it could be. Hang on a minute – there weren’t any grandchildren staying at the house!

The head moved purposefully towards my bathroom…the one with the white carpet. The new white carpet.

Never!! How did he do that? (Yes, you’ve guessed it; it was Max.) I knew I’d zipped him into the cage. Hadn’t I?

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen something spooky that makes no sense? You get a sort of time-stands-still feeling, and right at that moment I was stumped. Was I going bonkers?

Down we went to the kitchen where I repeated the manoeuvre, this time making quite sure to secure the zip at the side as well, which, I figured, I must have overlooked.
Back upstairs I turned the TV on again to watch an auction (when houses and flats get sold to the person who bids the most). I only had a few minutes to myself, so quickly relaxed back on the bed knowing that this time Max would stay where I put him.

A minute later my concentration was again disturbed by a flash of blond curls making their way past the bed.

I gave up trying to watch the television and, accompanied by a delighted Max, went back downstairs to try and figure it out.

One of the zips was now halfway to the other side; the puppy had somehow freed himself again! I stared at him and wagged a finger. He licked my face and wagged his tail, joyfully, back at me.

I never worked out how he managed to open the zips on his cage, and I will probably never know. But one thing’s for certain, Max enjoyed playing that brilliant trick on me.